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  • I am a Mean Stack Developer.
  • Experienced in Node.js, Express.js, Nest.js, Angular 2/4/6/8, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, webservice, Php/MySQL.
  • I have 7 years of cross-platform experience in web and API development, database design, unit testing, documentation etc. in local and remote (Production) environments.
  • Primary Skills: Mean Stack, Node.js, Express.js, Nest.js, Angular 2/4/6/8, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, webservice, Php/MySQL.
  • Secondary Skills: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, AWS, Socket. Io.
Projects -
  1. Smartending (Nest.js& MongoDB): App Functionality: Online Drinks and events Booking app in a bar. Manage your Account, Drinks, and Events anywhere, anytime. My Role: Backend Development. API (Nodejs & Mongo DB).
  2. Allegiance (Angular 9): Technology: Blockchain, EOS, Firebase, Firestore cloud and realtime DB. App Functionality: App like UpWork. Client account - Who can post the job and hire a freelancer. Freelancer account- Who can find the job and submit a proposal for that project. My Role:  Frontend Development with Angular 9 and admin panel Angular 9. Frontend: Angular 9, EOS, firebase.
  3. Doctorscan: App Functionality: Doctorscan is medical consultation app like “practo”. There is clinic, doctor and patient portal. Patients book their appointment for a doctor , they can consulst doctor through video/audio call or offline in clinc. My Role:  Backend Development. Both API and admin panel (Nodejs & Postgres).

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Full Stack/Mean Stack Developer

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