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  • Fullstack Developer with knowledge to acquire and utilize technical skills along with the creativity to serve the organization in the best possible way.
  • Specialized in modern application development to reduce IT complexity, operation costs for business innovation and transformation. 
  • Experienced in Projects where we have Collections framework, File Handling, Sorting, Flow Control, Recursion, Exception Handling, Primitive Datatype, Wrapper Class. Switch cases, Loops.
  • Experienced on working an online management system of an online-academy based client. The system keeps track of its classes, subjects, students, and teachers. It has a back-office application with a single
  • Worked for a product-based client, They have a walk-in store, and now, they wish to launch their e-commerce portal and The admin should be able to change his password if he wants, he should be able to Manage the products in the store including categorizing them, Browse the list of users who have signed up and be able to search users, see purchase reports filtered by date and category.
  • Primary skills: Java
  • Secondary skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript,Springboot

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Java Fullstack Developer

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