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  • Full Stack Developer having 7+ years experience,Solving tickets raised by AT&T business tool customers (User Agents) based on Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, NodeJS, Ionic, CoffeeScript , HTML5/ Bootstrap / SCSS
  • Creating RESTful API endpoints using Laravel / NodeJS / Rails. Mobile app development through Cordova / Ionic framework Web backend / front end development through Rails / php / .net Design NoSQL documents, install and setup couchbasedb/ MongoDB in cloud instances (Amazon, Heroku)
  • Using Redis for web backend Android / iOS App deployment Write automated Testcase using Rspec (web) & karma-jasmine (mobile)...SRS document draft based on customer requirement.
  • Implement software / application architect considering client requirement. VPS / Dedicated / AWS / Heroku server management.
  • SKILLS: PHP / MYSQL,HTML5 / CSS / Bootstrap / AngularJS, .net framework, ASP.NET(C#) & MSSQL, WPF, NodeJS, ExpressJS

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Niladri Dey

PHP,MySQL Fullstack

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