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  • I am a PHP Full Stack developer experienced Web, PHP and ActionScript Developer - HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, PHP, MySQL are the core skills.
  • Persistent programmer with 13+ years of experience in HTML5, PHP-MySQL, Laravel Framework and in ActionScript. Strong in PHP, MySQL, OOPS, HTML5, jQuery, createJS, JavaScript, CSS3, Bootstrap, HTML5 canvas, and AS3.
  • Good experience in WordPress Web/Theme Development, Web Design, Development of Web Scripts and Utilities, Flash to HTML5 Conversion, PSD to HTML5 Conversion, HTML5 responsive websites and in ActionScript programs.
  • Dedicated team member, experienced in multiple - task handling, creative problem solving, debugging, documenting and delivering work to its finest.
  • Self-motivated learner able to quickly pick up and willing to use new languages, tools, software applications and a skilled trainer able to share gained knowledge.
  • Primary Skills: CSS, php,5, jQuery, JavaScript, WordPress, bootstrap, oops, MySQL, Flash, HTML5, Canvas, createJS, JSON, Action Script, Laravel.
  • Secondary Skills: Ionic Framework, Frameworks, HTML, CSS.
Freelance Work Experience -
  1. Major Role as a Software Developer coding HTML5 Canvas - createJS.
  2. Contributed as a Web - Mobile - Software Developer.
  3. A regular freelancer - Flash to HTML 5 conversions, Web development etc.
  4. Worked in Ionic Framework Mobile App Support Projects.
  5. Done Bug fixes and Web Utility development.
  6. HTML5 Canvas Application Development.
  7. Fascinated by the power of WordPress all over the web, I have developed a few websites from scratch including Design, Development, SEO aspects (HTML5, CSS3, Media Queries, PHP).

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G Karthika

PHP Fullstack Developer

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