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  • I am a Python django developer. Other Skills include Photoshop, CSS, Excel, Android, Flask.
  • Developed various Automation tools to reduce the time consumption and increase Efficiency by Automating Recurring Tasks.
  • Developed several websites and android application which helped in acquiring new customers and increasing sales.
  • Developed several Data Analytics Projects using Machine Learning through Jupyter Notebook utilising Python as base language.
  • Developed Multiple Android and Java and Web Application using several Technologies such as Java, XML, HTML, CSS, etc.
  • Skills: 
  • Python - Automation, Data Scraping, Scripting, Tkinter, Django
  • Android Development - UX /UI Design, Development (Java), Data Analytics. Data Mining, Machine Learning, Jupyter Notebook
  • Web Development- HTML + CSS, JQuery, Javascript, Wordpress
  • Database- SQL, SQLite
  • Other Technology / Skills- Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel / Google Sheets

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Suyash Katta

Python Django Developer

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