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  • Python & Django Fullstack Developer with knowledge in creating internal APIs and Microservices on Python-Django
  • Working with the Data Science team to create and manage machine learning models for predictions of sales using various models and Machine learning Algorithm and Business Logic to improve and predict sales in different countries so that we can produce/manage our Stocks according to the demand in the market.
  • Technology & tools used: Python, Django, NumPy, Data Science, Machine learning, Pandas, Git etc.
  • worked to calculate monthly cashflow using pandas,
  • Analyse the excel sheet and prepare the cash flow to display in the internal client website for the trading team in the flask app.
  • Developing the Microservices through the trading so that the team can send the excel file and apply parameters and on the basis of the file the monthly cash flow is calculated and a report is generated on the frontend and one can download the generated report.
  • Technology & tools used : Python, Flask, Pandas, Numpy, Flask, RestAPI, Django rest framework, SQL
  • Primary Skills: Python, Python Fullstack, DJANGO
  • Secondary Skills: HTML/CSS, JAVASCRIPT, Django

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Ashish Kumar

Python & Django Fullstack Developer

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