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  • Dedicated and efficient Front-end/Back-end professional with 8+ years of total experience in end-to-end software development, and products management with system analysis, design, testing, and implementation.
  • Extensive Experience in front-end technologies such as Angular 2+, Redux (NgRx), AngularJs, VueJs, VuetifyJs, NuxtJs, React, Material Design, Flex API, Bootstrap, CSS, SCSS, SASS with UI designing.
  • Good knowledge and experience in the implementation of various web-based applications using NodeJS, C#, Microsoft®.Net Framework, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core,.NET Entity Framework, ADO.NET, WCF, Web API, Azure, CosmosDB, AWS, IIS 6.0/7.0, Ajax, Swagger, and MS SQL Server.
  • Developed app integration with REST API / SOAP and other payment processors and external parties.
  • Responsible for functional specification, Software analysis, design, development, integration, testing, and maintenance of multi-tier, high-traffic, and transactional web-based applications.
  • Excellent code reviews and debugging skills.
  • Familiar with Agile and Waterfall model methodology, Daily Scrum, Sprint Planning.
  • Extensive experience in developing enterprise web applications.
  • Good experience and strong fundamentals of architecture design included Design Patterns, SOLID Principles, n-tier architecture, design patterns (Factory, Repository, and singleton), architectural patterns (MVC), and algorithms.
  • Strength - Handled multiple projects simultaneously, learn and apply new technology quickly in .NET
  • Working Knowledge of CI/CD pipeline for WEB based project in Azure DevOps Service & Jenkins Job.
  • Participating in meetings and conferences with the clients.
  • Extensive hands-on experience with 3rd party integrations such as Google, PayPal, Stripe, ADP Integrations.
  • I have successfully completed 30+ projects with 40+ overseas clients. Apart from that, I have worked more than 7500 hours as freelancer through a freelancer marketplace.
  • Primary Skills: .NET, Angular, VueJS, Next.JS.
  • Secondary Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Material Design, FlexPi. Angular 2+ / Redux (NgRx) RxJs. React/ Bootstrap / Material-UI. Vue/Vuetify js/ Bootstrap Vue. Bootstrap / Material Design / CSS / SCSS / SASS / FlexAPI / HTML/ JavaScript (JS). Node JS. Express JS. Version Control (Git, Subversion/ SVN / Azure DevOps/ TFS / Source Code). ASP.NET / .NET Core / C# / MVC / EF. Web API / WCF. MS SQL Server / MySQL /AWS / Cosmos DB Dynamo DB.
Major Projects Undertaken:
  1. Role: Full-Stack Developer Description: The project is the most precise, systematic solution for calculating tips. By applying complex calculations where multiple factors are taken in consideration, the system automatically implements multiple “checks and balances” before reporting and paying out to prevent any miscalculations. By calculating the tip distribution electronically, the restaurant owner and the tipped employees are protected from inaccurate tip distribution, whether accidental or not. But most importantly, the program eliminates the antiquated and tedious daily calculation system that is prone to error.
  2. Role: Front-End Developer Description: It is the advanced online classroom portal for the students who wants to learn and creates an environment that puts the learning first. It provides you with your tutor’s star rating and level of expertise, so you know you’ll have a productive session. Apart from this, all the classes are recorded so you can watch them again anytime.

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Full Stack Developer

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