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  • I am a full stack web developer specialized in Java, PHP, Python, Angular Frameworks for about 5.5 years.
  • A results-driven, customer-focused, articulate and analytical Senior Software Engineer who can think “out of the box.” Strong in design, integration problem-solving and analytical skills. 5 years experienced in Angular 2+ PHP (Laravel & Lumen), MySQL, Python (Django & Django Rest Framework), PostgreSQL, jQuery, Bootstrap, GIT, CI/CD with database analysis and design.
  • Skilled in developing requirements specifications, user documentation and technical specifications. Strong written and verbal communications.
  • 8.5+ years of experience in Mainframe Technology (IT); 2 months of Email marketing.
  • Played a successful lead role with teams in wide geographical areas (US, Chennai, Coimbatore & Bangalore).
  • Played a lead role @ Onsite team for almost 1+ year while working for an insurance company in US.
  • Handled multiple projects single handedly from offshore in direct contact with US clients.
  • Primary Skill: JAVA
  • Secondary Skills: React.js, PHP, MySQL, Springboot, Python.
Projects -
  1. Project 1 -
  • Responsibilities:
  • Create a cloud-based GIS Saas product in Angular framework as UI and Python Django Rest framework as backend. It is a web-based business tool available to customers on subscription.
  • Perform Requirement analysis, architectural design, DB design.
  • Create User stories based on requirements, estimate effort, prepare delivery plan in iteration model, co-ordinate with system testers.
  • Set up project, develop the front end elements in Angular, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4, do integration development by consuming backend RESTful API, write unit test cases using Jasmine & Karma.
  • Review UI & Python code developed by peers during merge request in GitLab, provide review comments and ensure to maintain quality code.
  • Prepare detailed API specification document, review the document updated by peers.
  • Develop backend elements, create models, forms and views in Django.
  • Setup continuous integration & continuous deployment (CI/CD) in GitLab using GitLab.yaml, AWS S3, AWS Code pipeline, AWS code deployment.
  • Perform application testing to confirm that the requirements are met suitably. Coordinate with testing team to warrant defect free final product.
  • Lead the team and support them to deliver the product on time.
  • Skills Used: Angular 8+, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Jasmine & Karma Unit testing, AWS CI/CD, i18n, payment gateway integration (Razorpay), Django Rest Framework, PostgreSQL.
2. Project 2 -
  • Responsibilities:
  • Enhance the lunchbox web application by adding new features.
  • Create new options for the admin team to manage the inventory of lunchbox hassle free.
  • Convert the front-end from basic table layout HTML page to Angular SPA.
  • Debug the existing issues in their admin side functions.
  • Include new seasonal features (like change in meals, new sweets for festivals) introduced as part of their marketing strategy in their product software.
  • Created a development environment to test any of the product changes before moved to production.
  • Skills Used: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.

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