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  • Fullstack Web Developer with experience in like JSON, Bootstrap, React, Redux, Express.js, Node.js.
  • Developed web API using Node.js and hosted on multiple load balanced API instances.
  • Use chrome debugger, React Developer Tool and Redux Dev Tool for development and debugging.
  • Good experience of using various Javascript concepts like prototypes,closures, and object-oriented features,promises, observables.
  • Very good experience in complete project life cycle design, development, testing and implementation of Client Server and Web applications.
  • Having 3+ years of IT professional experience in Application Development and enhancement of new features in Investment Banking.
  • Involved in complete requirement analysis, design, coding and testing phases of the project.
  • Responsible for Development and enhancing of various modules using Oracle SQL and Unix.
  • As SQL Developer
  • 3 yrs experience in Investment bank.
  • Strong Experience in Reconciliation Process.
  • Good experience in developing RIT tool.
  • Very Good exposure to Oracle SQL with Unix Shell Scripts.
  • Worked in writing commands using UNIX, Shell Scripting.
  • Developing Scripts and Batch Job to schedule using Autosys.
  • Strong and effective problem-solving, analytical and interpersonal skills, besides being a valuable team player.
  • Good knowledge in Reconciliation project.
  • As React JS/Node JS Developer
  • Developed user interface by using the React Js, Redux for Single Page Application (SPA) development.
  • Involved in Responsive design and developed a single responsive website that could be served to desktop, tablets and mobile users using React Js.
  • Integrating React’s Redux framework to scale and maintain the application better while handling large amount of data.
  • Responsible for implementing UI mockups, integrating third party libraries and handling/creating Redux store data.
  • Maintained states states in the stores and dispatched the actions using Redux.
  • Working with ECMA Script 6 feature, for build of JSX and ES6 used Babel, Web Pack.
  • Actively participated in JDA meetings for designing the DB Schema.
  • Implemented REST API using Node.js and Express.js.
  • Used Node.js as a proxy to interact with RESTful services and interacting with MongoDB Database.
  • Have worked on AWS to integrate the server side and client-side code.
  • Extensively worked with making calls to API to fetch the data from the backend as JSON response and parse it on the UI for DOM/CSS manipulation.
  • Worked on an Agile (Scrum) Development team to deliver regular updates to business team and project managers.
  • Primary skills: MERN, React, Node, Express, REST API, MongoDB
  • Secondary skills: Oracle SQL with Unix  Shell Scripting

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MERN Fullstack Developer

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