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Full Stack developer with 5+ years of experience in Python 3.6, Rest APIs (using Django, FastAPI, Flask), PostgreSQL, MySQL, AWS Cloud, HTML, CSS, PHP, Android & GIT
  • Utilized technologies such as Python 3.6, Django, Crawling, HTML5, CSS, PostgreSQL
  • Build backend for their billing system along with integrated system for their tax and returns.
  • Created a data parser, which parsed the data through emails with the help of AWS Glue Job (That use to function on trigger), and then load the data into database.
  • Since the data size was huge, created pickle files to optimize the operations.
  • Built API using Fast API and MySQL and wrote test cases using pytest.
  • Used mocking of function in test cases to validate the functionality of the APIs.
  • Utilized technologies such as PHP, HTML, CSS and SQL Server.
  • External APIs Integrated: sendgrid, google-auth, svix, fastforex.

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Python Developer

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