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Full Stack Developer with 7+ years of experience in Application Support, Coding, Debugging, Requirement Analysis, IT Support, Web Application, Continuous Delivery, Software Design, Agile Methodology, Rpa Automation, IT Strategy, IT Planning.
  • Frontend: Angular, ReactJs, NextJs, React Native, VueJs, Ionic, HTML, CSS, Jquery, Javascript, Typescript, Bulma, Bootstrap, TailwindCSS
  • Backend: NodeJs, .NET - MVC, Web Forms, WPF, WCF, WebAPI, ADO.NET, Entity Framework
  • Databases: MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Azure Cosmos DB, Neo4j Graph DB
Why you should hire me:
  • I am a Top Rated freelancer with 100% customer satisfaction. I have completed 20+ freelancing jobs and all my clients have rated me 5 stars for my work.
  • Even while working on relatively new technologies, I have proven 100% client satisfaction!
  • I have worked on many challenging projects like Recipe recommendation engine using Azure Cosmos DB graph database, communicating with bluetooth devices from a mobile app using a BLE plugin, migrating a DotNet MVC project to React & DotNet WebAPI, etc.
  • Leaded multiple projects in varied domains such as Healthcare, Property Rentals, Food Certification, etc.
  • Proposed several new workflow ideas which resulted in better outcomes from developers & timely deliverables.
  • Developed automation tools for setting up various client applications.
  • Automated the process of converting old claim intake script to new claim intake script where client can directly configure it through UI.
  • Successfully migrated a Web Forms application to an Angular application with better UI and improved performance.
  • Involved in AGILE SCRUM Software Development methodology
  • Involved in end-to-end client engagement from understanding client requirements, estimating user stories, distributing work amongst developers, managing timely deliverables, deploying applications and providing support after deployment.

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Vivek Patel

React Fullstack Developer

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